Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family time

I was scrolling through my photos on my phone and I realized how lucky I am. I am lucky because I have a great family. We are a little special at times, but we love each other and we stick together. I thought I'd post some photos from Memorial Day weekend. I was sick, but I took some time out to go to the USS Midway in San Diego, Old Town San Diego, Universal Studios, and to the movies to finally see The Avengers. Thankfully I am feeling better and I was able to enjoy some of the holiday weekend. Here are some pictures of my weekend:

The 3 Amigos

So excited to see Sideshow Bob
My baby at the Springfield Police Station

A quick lunch at the Krusty Burger
Daniel and his old pal Milhouse

Hanging on to my leftovers in Old Town
The best enchilada and potato taco ever.  Did I mention they make homemade tortillas and sell them with warm butter?
We had to take a selfi at the selfi machine!

Here is my Mr. America

Our commemorative photo!

A little Memorial Day fun on board

My dad had a good time reliving his Navy days.

It felt wonderful outside on the flight deck

So much information on board

Fighter planes

Mia and her favorite Minion
The kids excited for the new movie

Ask her what she wants to eat and she will always say...corn dog

My Nicky being Nicky

Like I said, I am thankful and lucky to have these people in my life.  Well that's all for tonight.  I have a huge week ahead and tons of overtime coming up.  Yay for big work projects, but boo to being an adult. Have a great week my friends. 

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