Monday, August 22, 2011

Cricut Lite Cartridges for $20?!?!?

So one of the perks of going on a road trip is shopping all along the way. I stopped in at a Walmart in Oklahoma City and guess what I found??? Hoot n Holler Cricut Lite Cartridge for only $20.00. In fact all the Cricut Lites were marked down to $20. Since I was on vacation, I only picked up the one, but when we stopped in Texas, I popped in and picked up Live Simply which was also only $20.00. I figured that once I got home, I would go to my local walmart and pick up the others, since I assumed Walmart must have clearanced them all out, but what do you know? My Walmart still has them at full price $39.00 with just a handful marked down to $29.00. So lesson, learned, I should have just loaded up. So if you are in Texas or OKC, go take advantage.