Saturday, May 23, 2015

So long Paper Pumpkin...

I have been subscribed to Stampin Up’s Paper Pumpkin subscription service for just about a year.  I honestly love getting this cute little red box every month, but what I don’t love is how month after month they stack up…untouched.  I will admit that a few of them I devoured almost immediately.  These always seem to be the ones that are either holiday themed, or some kind of treat bag.  The Halloween and Valentine’s Day kits were just perfect for creating treat bags for my coworkers, which I love.  The November kit made the most adorable pie treat holders, which I had on full display on my Thanksgiving table.  Other than those, these adorable red boxes just sit untouched.  For $21.95 a month, I wasn’t worried about it, until I started to do the math.  These boxes just sitting in my closet unused are worth $263.  Can you believe it?  $263!  

Here are just a few of the boxes that are untouched

NO MORE!  Aside from cleaning and purging, I am also on a debt diet.  I realize that I love shopping for craft supplies and I love a good deal, however I don’t have the time to actually use all the stuff I buy.  If I don’t use what I buy, then why am I buying it?  Isn’t this the mentality of a hoarder?  Am I a craft hoarder?  NO MORE!  I am going to challenge myself to use the stuff I have and I am going to really limit my craft spending. In one trip to Hobby Lobby I can easily spend $50 on nothing, and I don’t want to do that anymore.  I am putting myself on a strict budget.   

So starting immediately, I am sitting around with no plans this cold Friday night and I decided to  take out some of these boxes and start to play around.  The projects are cute, but tonight I just had a few craft fails.  What do you think?
I made one of the projects tonight- a little juvenile, but kind of cute.

Made straight from the box, I think I need to ink the card and add something else in order to make it more handmade. 

I tried ink instead of thread- NOPE!

The thread looked too bulky and then broke.

Tonight I am just  a little bit discouraged, but I have had good luck on my past kits. Here are some pictures from some of my non-craft fails.

The Thanksgiving kit was my favorite.

No pictures of my completed project, but they came out just like the picture minus the difference in candy. 

Well that is all for tonight.  I am going to sit here and watch bad TV.  I  hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  

Watching my favorite John Waters Movie "Serial Mom" and crafting the night away. 

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