Sunday, May 31, 2015

Family time

I was scrolling through my photos on my phone and I realized how lucky I am. I am lucky because I have a great family. We are a little special at times, but we love each other and we stick together. I thought I'd post some photos from Memorial Day weekend. I was sick, but I took some time out to go to the USS Midway in San Diego, Old Town San Diego, Universal Studios, and to the movies to finally see The Avengers. Thankfully I am feeling better and I was able to enjoy some of the holiday weekend. Here are some pictures of my weekend:

The 3 Amigos

So excited to see Sideshow Bob
My baby at the Springfield Police Station

A quick lunch at the Krusty Burger
Daniel and his old pal Milhouse

Hanging on to my leftovers in Old Town
The best enchilada and potato taco ever.  Did I mention they make homemade tortillas and sell them with warm butter?
We had to take a selfi at the selfi machine!

Here is my Mr. America

Our commemorative photo!

A little Memorial Day fun on board

My dad had a good time reliving his Navy days.

It felt wonderful outside on the flight deck

So much information on board

Fighter planes

Mia and her favorite Minion
The kids excited for the new movie

Ask her what she wants to eat and she will always say...corn dog

My Nicky being Nicky

Like I said, I am thankful and lucky to have these people in my life.  Well that's all for tonight.  I have a huge week ahead and tons of overtime coming up.  Yay for big work projects, but boo to being an adult. Have a great week my friends. 

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Crafty Friday Night

As you all know, this move has just taken its toll on me.  Last night I was purging more goodies and I decided to just stop.  I stopped, cleared off my desk and decided to actually make something.  So that is what I did! I actually made something.

Every vacation we go on, I collect everything to remember the trip (i.e. luggage tags, park maps, tickets) which will normally end up in one of my scrapbooks.  Yesterday I had the idea to change it up, and instead of adding the memorabilia to a scrapbook, I made a shadowbox frame.  Originally I had an idea to put all my Disney ears and other Disney hats in shadowboxes, but quickly discovered that

1.      I don’t have enough wall space for that big of a display 
2.      This could quickly get pricey 
3.      What if I want to wear them again?

So instead of displaying ears, I used one of the shadowbox frames I had and quickly went to work.  I laid everything out on my desk in order to see what I had to work with.  Here is my final project:

WDW Trip 2014

organized chaos
At first I wanted this picture, but it was much too big.
I can't work without my crystal light
more of my work space

As I was working, I realized I had a lot of stuff and I had to decide on what I wanted to display the most.  I decided that I really wanted small pictures of the hotel, which was a blast on its own, and of course I really wanted the park maps because those change so much as the years go on. The one thing I really wanted to add was our magic bands, but they didn't fit right at all.  I added park maps, our ticket cards, some pictures, Not So Scary wrist band, Food & Wine passport, our anniversary button, luggage tag, baggage tag, ephemera from Simple Stories Say Cheese line, and my villains magic band charms. So what do you think?  I love how this project turned out.  I actually really like the small pictures that are not too overwhelming, and the Magic Kingdom park map with the new Snow White ride pictured.  

So that is my Friday night creativity.  After a busy work week, it felt good to sit and make something. My husband was in his man cave playing a video game and I took the opportunity to escape myself.  I don't know if any of you can relate, but I put on an old movie and worked on my project uninterrupted in total peace, and it was blissful. 

Here are some of the pictures I came across during the process:

My version of Cruella- All homemade by me, who doesn't sew.

Clubber- he even grew out his hair for the costume.

The funnest resort at WDW and it doesn't cost 2 arms and 2 legs. 

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- Wreck It Ralph!

Waiting for the boat at the Polynesian Hotel

A must have at the Magic Kingdom

I wanted one so bad, but my teeth would never forgive me, so a picture will have to do.

Before he was able to shave for his costume

At Gaston's Tavern (his favorite character)

At Epcot, somewhere in Japan

Meeting an old flame of mine

So that is all for my weekend project.  Hopefully next week I will have something new and exciting to show you.  I will going to an all day crop Saturday and I am looking forward to girl time.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

More progress...

This new room has taken so much longer than I anticipated. I have purged a lot, yet I'm having trouble finding room for the volume of stuff I have.  It is frustrating because life keeps throwing me curve balls, and I thought I would have a gorgeous space, but in reality I haven't even decorated the walls yet.  The first road block is that I got sick and I have spent a lot of time at the hospital recently then if that wasn't bad enough, my favorite floating shelves have been discontinued. It's just one road block after another. Anyhow, although I am far from complete, I thought I would stop to share some small elements I have purchased, or hung in an effort to get this place complete. 

Small Better Homes & Gardens basket purchased at Walmart- $7.95
Large Better Homes & Gardens basket purchased at Walmart- $9.95- fits my IKEA Expedit perfect.

A print given to me by my pal Janel.  I think it is perfect for this room.  

Just some of my Villain Collectables on display.  As  you can tell, I am not done organizing all of the cubes but I plan on getting this done this weekend. 

That is is for today my friends, I  hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will talk to you soon!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

So long Paper Pumpkin...

I have been subscribed to Stampin Up’s Paper Pumpkin subscription service for just about a year.  I honestly love getting this cute little red box every month, but what I don’t love is how month after month they stack up…untouched.  I will admit that a few of them I devoured almost immediately.  These always seem to be the ones that are either holiday themed, or some kind of treat bag.  The Halloween and Valentine’s Day kits were just perfect for creating treat bags for my coworkers, which I love.  The November kit made the most adorable pie treat holders, which I had on full display on my Thanksgiving table.  Other than those, these adorable red boxes just sit untouched.  For $21.95 a month, I wasn’t worried about it, until I started to do the math.  These boxes just sitting in my closet unused are worth $263.  Can you believe it?  $263!  

Here are just a few of the boxes that are untouched

NO MORE!  Aside from cleaning and purging, I am also on a debt diet.  I realize that I love shopping for craft supplies and I love a good deal, however I don’t have the time to actually use all the stuff I buy.  If I don’t use what I buy, then why am I buying it?  Isn’t this the mentality of a hoarder?  Am I a craft hoarder?  NO MORE!  I am going to challenge myself to use the stuff I have and I am going to really limit my craft spending. In one trip to Hobby Lobby I can easily spend $50 on nothing, and I don’t want to do that anymore.  I am putting myself on a strict budget.   

So starting immediately, I am sitting around with no plans this cold Friday night and I decided to  take out some of these boxes and start to play around.  The projects are cute, but tonight I just had a few craft fails.  What do you think?
I made one of the projects tonight- a little juvenile, but kind of cute.

Made straight from the box, I think I need to ink the card and add something else in order to make it more handmade. 

I tried ink instead of thread- NOPE!

The thread looked too bulky and then broke.

Tonight I am just  a little bit discouraged, but I have had good luck on my past kits. Here are some pictures from some of my non-craft fails.

The Thanksgiving kit was my favorite.

No pictures of my completed project, but they came out just like the picture minus the difference in candy. 

Well that is all for tonight.  I am going to sit here and watch bad TV.  I  hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.  

Watching my favorite John Waters Movie "Serial Mom" and crafting the night away. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

26 years later

What did you do last weekend? I didn't do much, just go to the New Kids on the Block concert!
That's right, my 11 year old self was back and in action Saturday night at The Forum.

Woo Hoo!

Since my BFF is my husband, you know we went arm and arm, even if he was wearing an NWA shirt. Although he had no desire to see them, we really had a great time. Nelly and TLC opened up and wow! It was a great show.

T-Boz still looks amazing!

Apparently Chilli doesn't age.

I forgot that Nelly was this cute!

The show was just wonderful, the only downside to the night- there was a rat running around the ladies room. Yeah, a rat. I think I'll just hold it and go later. Anyway, here are some pictures of our night out!
Can I really be this age and still a fan?

Concert selfie- we were dying laughing and had to stop to snap a memory.  I am a scrapbooker after all. 
doing their thing
Only 4 New Kids, Jon was hurt.

For me, the whole thing was amazing! And I figured out that I'm still a Jordan Knight fan! Wow, who knew!
Yeah, I am definitely still a fan.

yep, still a fan!

That is all for me today, I will talk to you later!