Sunday, February 2, 2014


Card making is not my specialty, but lately I have been on a kick.  Here is a birthday card I made for my brother.  For this project I used papers from the Basic Grey 6x6 paper pad Bowties, a label sticker form Jillibean Soup, and Sizzix's Instant Photo Frame Die.  Thats it, just short and sweet.  Inside I made a pocket with the negative from the die and stamped it with Happy Birthday.  I hope he likes it.

As I said earlier in a previous post, I have been working on my design team submissions, and my craft room is a disaster.  I just love to share the effects of my creative tornado's:
 In the middle of all of it, I can see what remains of my McDonald's Diet Coke from last night, and all the rest of my nonsense.  That is OK, later today after Superbowl I will come in here and clean from top to bottom.  If I don't get in here today, I won't have time until Thursday after work, and I can't have disarray all week.  Oh no- step in now OCD.
Until next time my friends- you all have a great day. 

Jillibean Soup Design Team

I tried something new today...I actually tried out for a design team.  Jillibean Soup has a call for a design team and I thought I would throw my hat into the ring and try out for one of those desired spots.  They are looking for 2 layouts, 2 cards, or 1 project.  Not too bad right?  Well here is what I submitted:



I am so proud of myself for actually trying out for something.  Yay Shell! This is going to be a new year for me.  I am actually going to put myself out there and try out for some design teams and submit a few layouts for publication.  Not sure if it will go anywhere, but it really does feel good to try.

One of the things about paper crafting is that we all have different styles, and diversity is welcome.  I love and appreciate all the original thoughts and designs I see out there.  There is no wrong way to craft, and there should never be any pressure to conform or feel embarrassed when things come out less than perfect.  Everything I create is for my personal albums, or for my friends and family who already think I am pretty creative and talented.  =)

Well thank you my friends for taking a look at my submission. If any of you are interested, the design team call is still open- so I encourage you to try out.  You never know unless you try!

Thats all for me.  I need to hurry up and get myself ready.  Superbowl party at my dad's house in a few hours.  I don't know anything about football, I am just in it for the fellowship and the food..oh, and of course those wonderful commercials...and maybe for Bruno Mars.

Until next time my friends- have a great day. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a new year!

You know what time it is...time to make new year's resolutions!!! Ok, so just like the rest of the world, I will diet all of January right up to Superbowl and then blow it all until Easter.  Oh well, so aside from losing weight, hitting the gym, and cooking healthier, these are the things I resolve to accomplish this year.

  1. Complete my PHR Certificate
  2. Read at least 25 books (non school related)
  3. Watch the following shows on Netflix- start to finish- Breaking Bad, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, Orange is the New Black, and Downton Abby.
  4. Cut my craft budget by 50%
  5. Pay off more debt- including the motorcycle and my 2 credit cards
  6. Stop going to the movies for full price, and start indulging in the $1 theaters and matinees. 
  7. Revamp my wardrobe and donate clothes I continue to hold on to for no reason.
  8. Try a different hairstyle
  9. Eliminate all paper bills by switching to paperless billing, and  eliminate all misc. paperwork that accumulates in this house. 
  10. Finally redecorate the kids room into a pretty, peaceful, adult spare bedroom. 
This list seems daunting, but I know that this year will fly by so fast.  I need some direction, and I know I will be able to accomplish some of these items.  Above all else, I also vow to have some fun this year. 

Highlights of 2013

 Halloween Night with my zombie baby!
 Family Trip to Tombstone
 More Arizona fun with the big family
 Family BBQ time
 Big Daddy and bro Daniel
 My favorite thing to do is hop in the car and head anywhere
 Vanesa's Sweet 16 party
 Sami and Julia at the party
 Sisters in matching dresses and of course Nick's famous photobombs
My love on Valentine's Day- I love, love, love his forced cheese smiles.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello my blogging friends!

Well December came and went and once again I had a million ideas for projects, but only accomplished one.  Oh well!  Full time work, school, and family leave me little time to indulge in my hobby sometimes.  So my friends, I hope you all had a great Christmas, and of course I wish you all a prosperous New Year!!!
 My gift from my husband- Tickets to Disney on Ice (Disney Nut here)
 Cookies on Christmas Eve at my dad's house
 My nieces and my grand-niece on Christmas Eve at my dad's house
 More Christmas Eve shots of my nieces
I love that my brother and my husband are BFF's.  At my grandma's Christmas Party.

 Finally Christmas Day- time to watch Ralphy and relax.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall is flying by too fast

Is it just me, or is Fall flying by fast?  I know it is only November 6th, but as soon as Thanksgiving gets here, BAM! It will be Christmas time, which means it will be Winter.  This past weekend I sadly packed away all my Halloween decorations (in 10 totes, seriously 10 totes of Halloween goodness) and brought out my one sad little Thanksgiving/Fall tote.  I am not sure how many people have seasonal decor, but slowly over the years I have collected enough items to need a tote.  So this is what I came up with:
I know it is not a lot, but I actually love the way it came out.  The little Indian Figures come from Hobby Lobby a few years ago, but I still have not found the two Pilgrim people.  After I took the pictures I went back and tweaked the wreath because it looked a little wonky, so now it is perfect.  So that is all. What do you think? I know most of us decorate for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving is over, but for the few weeks between Halloween and Christmas I didn't want to have naked space.  I hope I have inspired some of you to decorate your space for the Thanksgiving season.  Until next time my friends, have a great day. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I didn't make it...

Challenge accepted, but mission failed. Oh well!  My 13 Days of Halloween was such a good idea, but I just didn't make it. What can I say, horrible hard Accounting class, week long conference away from home, sick husband, and life just stood in the way.  Even though I didn't make it, and I still have so many good craft ideas floating around in my head, they will just have to wait until next year. 

Anyway, today is Halloween, my favorite holiday ever, and my 14th wedding anniversary!

This is us in at Cowboy stadium in Texas this past summer, and then us at La Boufador in Mexico, 1 year ago today. 

Well my friends, that is all for today.  I have tons to do today, work, trick or treating, and then I am finishing off my day with a few drinks and dancing the night away with my love.  Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Project life?

Ever since Project Life hit the shelves, it seems every company has released their version of journaling cards and pocket page inserts to try and stay competitive. I am sad to admit that I have fallen into the trap and have a small collection that has been wasting away in a tote. What can I say? I'm an impulse shopper. Anyway, last night I was cleaning and I decided that I needed to start using my stash. I decided that I was going to pull out this little crazy tote of goodies and start working on actually scrapbooking my pictures. Well before I could start working, I realized that a little organization was in order first. Immediately I ran across the street to Bed Bath and Beyond and hit the aisles looking for something, anything to organize and corral my mess. There were a few good contenders, but I decided on this:
This little cosmetic organizer looked like the perfect "station" to house my goodies. Without any measurements, I took a leap of faith and it turns out I was right! If this was to house my makeup, I would need 10, but for my stash, 2 is the perfect amount. I'm still working on sorting and categorizing my cards, but I was so eager to share- I just had to post this as soon as I could. So what do you think? 
Personally I love it. It's small enough to be portable, yet big enough to give me a great staring point. So that's all for now my friends- I'm off to get some pages done...finally. Until next time, have a great week!