Thursday, May 14, 2015

26 years later

What did you do last weekend? I didn't do much, just go to the New Kids on the Block concert!
That's right, my 11 year old self was back and in action Saturday night at The Forum.

Woo Hoo!

Since my BFF is my husband, you know we went arm and arm, even if he was wearing an NWA shirt. Although he had no desire to see them, we really had a great time. Nelly and TLC opened up and wow! It was a great show.

T-Boz still looks amazing!

Apparently Chilli doesn't age.

I forgot that Nelly was this cute!

The show was just wonderful, the only downside to the night- there was a rat running around the ladies room. Yeah, a rat. I think I'll just hold it and go later. Anyway, here are some pictures of our night out!
Can I really be this age and still a fan?

Concert selfie- we were dying laughing and had to stop to snap a memory.  I am a scrapbooker after all. 
doing their thing
Only 4 New Kids, Jon was hurt.

For me, the whole thing was amazing! And I figured out that I'm still a Jordan Knight fan! Wow, who knew!
Yeah, I am definitely still a fan.

yep, still a fan!

That is all for me today, I will talk to you later!

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