Sunday, May 26, 2013

Summer skin

Since summer is quickly approaching, I think it's time to visit the makeup counter. I will admit I am not a natural girl- I wear makeup every single day, but it's time for me to update my look. There are 2 items I never leave home without: mascara and eyeliner on my face. Currently I am using blackish brown mascara and eyeliner, but I think I need some lighter eyeshadow colors, maybe even some summer cheek color. The dark eyes are so heavy, especially as the weather changes. I don't want to have such dramatic dark makeup midday. I don't know, all I do know is that today it is too dang hot and humid for a full face. Today I am going to switch it up and use only my powder mineral makeup, minimal mascara and just hope for the best. Agh! I feel lost without my armor! I guess next time I will revamp my scent and try and adjust for the hotter weather thats quickly approaching. If you have any tips- please feel free to share. Until next time my friends! Have a safe holiday weekend! 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Michelle Facts!!

Good afternoon friends!  Since I have absolutely nothing going on, I thought I would quickly entertain you with some random Michelle Facts.  Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and enjoy. 

Quick Favorites:
1. Color: Orange
2. Food: JalapeƱo and cheese bagel with cream cheese
3. Movie: Sleeping With the Enemy
4. Show: Dexter
5. Song: September (Earth, Wind, and Fire)
6. Place to be: Disneyland at Halloween time
7. Something I never miss: chance to take a long weekend away
8. Holiday: Halloween
9. Time of year: Fall
10. Weather: Rainy Days
11. Article of clothing: yoga capri’s (I love those dumb things)
12. Accessory: earrings
13. Chore: Vacuuming (I hate dirty floors)
14. Thing to do on a Saturday: go to the movies
15. Latest obsession: Bath and Body Works 3 wick candles

Quick Hates:
  1. I hate clutter, disorganization, and messes of any kind
  2. I hate my arms
  3. I hate sloppy writing on important documents
  4. I hate passive aggressive people
  5. I hate all reptiles
  6. I hate outdoor activities and places like camping and the zoo. Even worse, camping at the zoo. UGH!
  7. I hate people that complain in line and want everyone to join in.
  8. I hate listening to drunk people
  9. I hate that everyone has a reality show
  10. I hate long lines
  11. I hate dealing with the public (I am a government worker and take crap all day)
  12. I hate that my brownies never come out right
  13. I hate working out
  14. I hate that I never have any free time
  15. I hate tofu (texture issues)
That is all for today.  As always, please feel free to share what you love, hate, or can't wait to go away.  See you later my friends. 

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm a Fashionista

I have to make a small confession...I am addicted to TJ Max, Marshalls, and Home Goods.  I absolutely love finding name brand items for less (I sound like a spokesperson). On Saturday my husband and I leisurely took a drive to Palm Springs to enjoy a little 106 degree weather and I just had to stop in my favorite spot.  Normally when I am alone I will spend a few hours in here picking up everything from body wash, jewelery, ear buds, clothes, basically everything they sell.  Well since I had a shopping buddy, I had to play it cool and resist the Michael Kors purse that kept staring at me.  That was, until I hit the crafty aisle.  Holy Molly did I hit the mother load!  Thickers, Crate Paper, Martha Stewart, Oh my!  Here is a few pictures of my haul.  You know its bad when you start walking around the store holding hands, then end up carrying everything in two arms and sending your husband to find the nearest cart. 

Overall, I did really good.  Now I just need to find the time to sit in my craft room and make something pretty.  Until next time my friends- Have a great week!