Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Morning is usually a hit or miss with me. Sometimes it is stock full of goodies, but other times there is nothing but old stuff that I don't want. Well gals, I will say that this week was a hit. First of all, they must have struck a deal with Basic Grey, because they have tons of their products. I bought 2 page kits- "Cappella", which is a wedding/love theme, and "Max and Whiskers" which is a pet theme. The page kits were $3.99 each. I also bought 3 packs of Basic Grey brads. Each pack was .99 and came with 6 colors and 180 pieces. They don't have any names or ties to a collection, but they are all very pretty colors. I also bought a pack of clear stamps for $2.99 called "Pocket Garden". Another purchase is 3 packs of die cuts for .99 each. Each one has 17 shapes, but it doesn't list any collection names on these either, although I know one of them is from the Lauderdale collection. I did pick up one pack of baby blue foam Thickers called "Giggle" for $1.99. Lastly I got a pack of Corrugated chipboard from the Donna Salazar collection of Zutter products. This was only $1.99, and has 12 7x7 pieces. They had all different sizes of these, and I think I am going to go back for the 13x13 pack. Overall it was a good trip, and for some reason, my hoarding senses are telling me to hit the Palm Springs store, they usually have more than this one I went to. Oh well, I will see you all later with another one of my Super Hauls!!!