Sunday, March 1, 2015

Evolution of a woman…

One of the reasons I love blogging is for the obvious which is to share my crafts, but I have realized that I also blog because I love the support blogging brings.   Currently in my life I am at a crossroad and I am on the cusp of new things.  Although I am wildly excited, I also have a lot of fear and a lot of resentment.  I am excited because I know exactly what I want to do…finally.  I am fearful because I am jumping out of my comfort zone.  I am resentful because it has taken me this long to find my direction. 

As some may know, I have decided to go back to school to get my Master’s degree in Education.  As I prepare myself to get back into the classroom, I find myself with a laundry list of tasks that I need to accomplish.  This weekend I finished up a mandatory child development workshop, and I have to admit that it is exactly what I needed.  The instructor was so uplifting and positive.  He asked us to share with the class a song that we would pick if we had to assign ourselves a theme song.  This just got me wheels spinning and now I have to share.  We women are constantly evolving and I thought this would be fun to do.  I have attached a couple of videos that show my evolution.  Although I say that I am resentful for wasted time, and I am.  I do have to realize that things happen the way they do, and they happen at the time they need to happen.   Because I am so excited for my new career path, I feel that I will give my all and my future students will benefit from a dedicated teacher. 

So with that said, here is my evolution of where I was to where I am now.  
  Anytime I hear this song it reminds me of being young and dumb.  
 People don't know the struggles from which we come.  Nor do they know the darkness that we have endured.  This song just collects all those feelings and reminds me that I am a fighter and I am a winner.  Once I got old enough to live my life for myself I built the life I wanted and I fill it with the types of people I choose.  I am not my parents, I am not my past, I am in charge.
  These seem so sad, but I promise you that the road to success is usually pretty bumpy.  
 As an adult learner, it is so hard to split your time equally.  You feel so selfish and you are so tired, but you just keep going because you cannot fail.  I've taken time, money, and resources away from my family.  There is no way I can just walk away now empty handed.
You may think it is a little cheesy, but I love the message of this song.  Like I said, I am in transition and its tough.  
I just have to add this song because it reminds me of my wonderful husband.  My #1 supporter, my partner in crime, my BFF.  Whatever obstacle I encounter I know he is right beside me.  I am a very lucky woman.
 Finally my last song is Roar...because I am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar!