Sunday, January 5, 2014

It's a new year!

You know what time it is...time to make new year's resolutions!!! Ok, so just like the rest of the world, I will diet all of January right up to Superbowl and then blow it all until Easter.  Oh well, so aside from losing weight, hitting the gym, and cooking healthier, these are the things I resolve to accomplish this year.

  1. Complete my PHR Certificate
  2. Read at least 25 books (non school related)
  3. Watch the following shows on Netflix- start to finish- Breaking Bad, Shameless, Sons of Anarchy, Scandal, Orange is the New Black, and Downton Abby.
  4. Cut my craft budget by 50%
  5. Pay off more debt- including the motorcycle and my 2 credit cards
  6. Stop going to the movies for full price, and start indulging in the $1 theaters and matinees. 
  7. Revamp my wardrobe and donate clothes I continue to hold on to for no reason.
  8. Try a different hairstyle
  9. Eliminate all paper bills by switching to paperless billing, and  eliminate all misc. paperwork that accumulates in this house. 
  10. Finally redecorate the kids room into a pretty, peaceful, adult spare bedroom. 
This list seems daunting, but I know that this year will fly by so fast.  I need some direction, and I know I will be able to accomplish some of these items.  Above all else, I also vow to have some fun this year. 

Highlights of 2013

 Halloween Night with my zombie baby!
 Family Trip to Tombstone
 More Arizona fun with the big family
 Family BBQ time
 Big Daddy and bro Daniel
 My favorite thing to do is hop in the car and head anywhere
 Vanesa's Sweet 16 party
 Sami and Julia at the party
 Sisters in matching dresses and of course Nick's famous photobombs
My love on Valentine's Day- I love, love, love his forced cheese smiles.