Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Claim My Space

Claim My Space?  What exactly does that mean?  Well, as the new year approaches, one of the biggest changes I want to do is to claim my space.  We bought our house almost six years ago and at that time we put our life’s savings into the deposit.  We didn’t have money to upgrade or splurge on new appliances; we were just so happy and thankful to buy the house.  Over the years I have decorated and we have bought new furniture pieces, but I have realized that we haven’t really stepped it up.  My house is very neutral and clean which is what I like, however it doesn’t have a lot of pizazz.  I want to challenge myself to actually paint the walls and upgrade and update some of the rooms and bathrooms.   

The two rooms I really want to focus on are the guest bedroom and my craft room.  The guest room is filled with the kids’ belongings, but I want to update and decorate that space without a cartoon character comforter. The second room I want to update is my craft space.  Holy Guacamole can this room use the help.  I do have a lot of over sized furniture from IKEA along with patterned cubes that dictate the color scheme.  I would really like to change it up.  Normally I like things tucked away and not on display (i.e. coffee mugs, hair dryers, toasters, etc.) however I am toying with the idea of installing a peg board on one of my craft wall.  I saw this picture online and it has inspired me to change up a bit. 

CHANGE IS A GOOD THING! I believe this in all aspects of life, so why can’t I incorporate this mantra into my home decor? 

So this is my challenge to myself.  Here are a few pics of my virtual idea board.  I am collecting ideas and will put the best ones into use.  

 My challenge to you is to visualize what would your dream space would look like?  Do you like a lot of colors or patterns? Do you like bright and whimsical or do you like muted and neutral? Do you set up stations for specific activities such as a stamping or die cut station?  Do you de-clutter or do you hoard?  I would say at current my room is a mixed bag that includes everything. 

Just a little food for thought as we progress into 2015. Well until next time my friends, everyone please have a safe and happy holiday!

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