Saturday, February 2, 2013

Peaceful Saturday afternoon

Peaceful and relaxing Saturday with absolutely no plans at all.  I know I need to clean the upstairs bathrooms, and I know I have a few loads of laundry up there waiting as well, but for right now...I am sitting here totally peaceful. This is my view from where I am online shopping in the dining room.  I'm looking into sitting room by the front door, I can see the girl scouts outside (I just bought my husband his favorite peanut butter patties) and the neighbor kids on the sidewalk riding back and forth on their scooters. I can hear my husband in the family room watching a movie and today just feels like bliss.  It's overcast outside, the downstairs is all clean and vacuumed, and my Scentsy is burning a fabulous scent in the family room that is covering all the rooms.  I think I will enjoy this rare quiet time for a few more minutes and then take my happy self to the Redbox to get a movie for later.
Until next time my friends-

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