Saturday, April 25, 2015

On my way...

to a beautiful new craft room.  Let me just back up a bit.  Last weekend my husband and I were talking about what a big week we had coming up.  Just thinking about everything before me left me feeling overwhelmed. I thought I would clear my head and go out to do a little light shopping.  Well, I came home and what do I find?  He decided that he would start on my new craft room and started clearing out the room and taping off the walls.  AGH!  I cannot have a home construction project on top of a huge week.  I like organized chaos, but that is not how he operates.  He wanted to do something nice for me, and how can I refuse his genuine gesture of love? So here are some before pictures.  This is the kids' room with all of their stuff. When they stay over, which is often...this is their space.   Aside from bedding and toys, I never really decorated this room or repainted when we bought the house.   

 As you can see, the color is a neutral beige color.  It is nice paint and the walls are in great condition (The house was only built in 2007).  So I picked my paint color and he went to work.  I chose Sherwin Williams Rainwashed and the rest is history.

Here are some of the after pictures:

My current craft room is right across the hallway so I will have to move in and purge at the same time. What do you think?  I think the color is so soothing.  I wanted a color that would be neutral, not too bold, and something that would look nice as a backdrop with my black office furniture.  I am going to touch up the baseboards later today, and then move in on Sunday.  I will post pictures as soon as I am moved in.  So here goes step 1 of reclaiming my space.  I am on my way to achieving a beautiful new space, and I am happy and thankful my Sam started whether I was ready or not.  Ok my friends, I will see you all soon!

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